LETTER: Action on Mablethorpe crossings needed before someone is killed

With four sets of traffic lights and five pedestrian crossings in the very short distance between Mablethorpe Co-op and the Victoria Road/High Street corner, why is it those of us coming into town by bus (along with those living on the opposite side of the road) have to risk getting knocked 
down trying to cross over the Stanley Avenue, with no pedestrian crossing there, to reach the Marisco Medical Practice, dentist, library, council offices, the children’s day nursery, community centre, ‘Linkage Green’ or Lidl?

One of my neighbours who uses our bus has to have two crutches and, like ourselves getting off the bus, has the choice of going down to the Co-op crossing or up to the school crossing and then all the way back again to Stanley Avenue, or risk crossing.

Only the Brylaine bus, which isn’t on our route, goes down Stanley Avenue so the rest of us have to walk. A lady I’ve known for many years and who lives on the High Street was telling me how she got knocked down trying to cross the road there and several people have told me that although the problem has been mentioned before, nothing has ever been done about it.

A pedestrian crossing without traffic lights would help. I know the council keep having to cut back because of a shortage of funding by a Government run by millionaire telling us what little we can manage on, and who will never have to try and cross the road there, but surely the risk to life is serious enough to receive consideration since we are not all Olympic runners!

When they built to Marisco Practice at the far end of Stanley Avenue I always said they would either kill or 
cure us and, adding to the distance by having to walk to the safe crossing areas and then all the way back again doesn’t help so, could 2015 be the year something is done about it before someone is seriously injured or even killed?

S. Reder