LETTER: Adding truth as Bill Baker Court resident

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Having read the report in The Leader recently about the Rev Bill Baker Court, I would like to add some more truth to that as a resident here.

The spokesman for HICA who says that ‘At any point, there is always a minimum of one staff member for emergencies’, what a load of tripe.

There has been many a time lately when only one carer has been on to cover all calls and none for emergency.

Anybody can fiddle names and numbers on paper so it looks good.

Why are there so many leaving? Even those who have been at Bill Baker for some years.

If Bill Baker is fully staffed with its own staff, why are HICA bringing in staff from other areas?

A member of staff who has been here for ten years walked out last week and another one won’t be far behind. Another case is HICA like others don’t like to hear the truth, if you stand up and speak the truth, some excuse is made and you are on your way out.

On Wednesday, September 3, in the dining area at lunch time, there were two emergencies and no staff was there to attend to them, there was one staff member on and she was upstairs attending to someone and didn’t know about what was happening until she came down.

One elderly lady had a fit whilst having lunch and no-one to attend to her.

The cook did the best she could for her until the medical people arrived. On the same day at lunch time, another elderly lady needed the toilet, this lady needs help to get around anywhere, again no staff not being available.

She had an accident and two visitors not employed by HICA, but two visitors who were in at the time visiting relatives saw the situation and took this dear elderly lady to the toilet and bathroom and bathed her.

What excuse does HICA have on that one? Where was the emergency staff?

HICA charge resident for whatever care and help they need and this can run into hundreds of pounds a month on top of the rent paid to Anchor.

In closing in a place like Bill Baker Court, it needs a senior carer trained to give out medication to residents, not left to someone who has just started as a carer and doesn’t know what to look for.

Medication needed to be checked properly by someone who knows what they are doing and can be relied upon.

It has been known for the chemist to fail in this and wrong medication sent out.


Sutton on Sea