LETTER: All very well to support wind farms when they’re not on your doorstep!

So Mr. Tereszczak thinks wind farms are beautiful but gives the game away by admitting he is a Hutoft resident for 19 years. That is at least 8 miles as the crow flies from the Trusthorpe wind farm which he cannot see or hear.

I have walked on the outskirts of Maltby le Marsh, about 1 mile from the Trusthorpe wind farm and heard a creaking and groaning noise which at first I thought was a tractor somewhere but couldn’t see it.

I then realised that the noise came from the wind farm. What it is like for nearby residents I hate to think.

He also says he has no evidence that they affect property prices but even if he had tried to sell his own property the wind farm is sufficiently far away not to affect prices. It would be a different matter if he had a wind farm less than a mile away.

They are overpriced, inefficient, unreliable and waste a lot of energy in their manufacture and erection. They also require conventional power stations to be on standby for when they cannot or do not work and this is the most inefficient way of keeping them operating. None of this is mentioned by Mr. Tereszczak.

Geoffrey Lover