LETTER: Anger at ‘exclusion’ from Lincolnshire Police and Crime Panel meeting

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EDITOR - Again, how incompetent can ELDC get?

The Lincolnshire Police and Crime Panel met on Thursday at 1pm. It was officially open to the public.

It was a controversial meeting and the outcome, in my opinion, was important to the county

I and a large number of the public arrived at 12.45pm. We were issued with the usual visitors’ sticky labels.

We were told to wait in reception (because there was a pre-meeting which, as an ex-journalist, fills me with foreboding).

The press were then invited up to the council chamber; the public were just left sitting in reception.

We sat, we waited, until 1.15pm, (and can you believe it, talked to a member of the committee who had travelled all the way from Market Deeping to Manby - a two hour journey - who had not being allowed to attend the meeting, because nobody had bothered to take him upstairs.

I heard the receptionists telephone three times to allow him, and us to be admitted.

Then the public were finally led up to the committee room, we were told the meeting had started on time (1pm) and had now finished (at 1.17pm).

Strange how so many interested parties were not allowed in.

Councillor Wootten, chair of the committee made groveling apologies.

It is not enough! This panel has got to start speaking for the people who employ them, not themselves or their lackeys.


Church Lane, Saltfleetby All Saints