LETTER: ASDA will add variety to Louth

As we all know there is a wonderful array of shops in Louth that cater for every need within the centre of its sphere, and like a peacock that mesmerizes the human eye with its beauty, we the shopper keep coming back to this great town time and time again to enjoy the spectacle.

And with this in mind if one is a true stalwart to Louth like myself for more years than I would wish to remember, surely one more added convenient store in the shape of ASDA will not make a huge upset in one’s everyday shopping in Louth.

Because believe me when one has the car parked in its town spot, you don’t want to be taking the darn thing from shop to shop and if my mind serves me correctly that walk as one gets older from the town up that hill to what was once the old cattle market can be a little tiring to say the least.

So, hats off to ASDA in coming to Louth, because at the end of the day there’s more than enough to go round and a bit more of added variety will no doubt help spice up what is already a town that’s second to none.

Nino Hoblyn