LETTER: Big thank you to my helpers

I want to take this chance to thank publicly all those people who have helped me lately.

I have returned to the area after a couple of years absence, and am now in a bit of a mess through my own fault, but so many folk are doing their best to help me. An especial mention to Jo, Rob, Chris, Austin and Sandra from ELDC.

Here’s a little poem for them.

Nobody knows the paths life takes,

we all go wrong and make mistakes,

maybe not many folk, I see,

make such daft mistakes as me!

But there are people, decent, kind,

patient and wise, who somehow find,

words to help and words to say,

somehow we may find a way.

Somehow we will sort it out,

end the shame and end the doubt,

somehow we will see this through,

somehow put things right for you.

They don’t pretend it will be fun,

will be easy, be soon done,

but they are always there for me,

give me hope and dignity.

So thank you all, thanks for that hope,

thanks for helping me to 

Thanks for your concern and care.

Thank you just for being there.

Debra Mercer

Admiralty Road, Mablethorpe