LETTER: Bring back Jeremy Clarkson

Britons are sick to death of being told what they can do, what is allowable to say and thoughts that they mustn’t express.

This is all done in the name of health and safety, political correctness, multiculturism and suppression anything that can be deemed as racist, sexist, ageist etc.

This is why so many people loved Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson who is a true, kick over the traces, rebel.

This is why that Jeremy is, in addition, the BBC’s biggest money earner.

Have the BBC gone completely mad? They have sacked Jeremy and closed his last two shows. Jeremy Clarkson is a rebel – what else did they expect?

A meek, mild mannered man who obeyed all those ridiculous laws? I am sure that they could find such a man to run Top Gear – but then just watch the viewing figures tumble.

Wake up all the idiots who run the BBC.

If Jeremy did punch a director, the director must have said or done something to annoy him and everybody knows that Jeremy does not suffer fools gladly – that’s why people watch him.

Malcolm Bouchier

Park Row, Louth