LETTER: Bring back the campervans to our coast

The issues this letter mentions have been on going since Spring 2013 with many letters from upset visitors for not being allowed to visit at all, even during the day which include Huttoft Car Terrace, Anderby Creek and other sea view car parks in Lincolnshire.

Mr Shaun Gandy his wife and others, plus willing volunteers and the coast/beach watch in the busy holiday season have been helping at these car parks on the lookout.

Huttoft cannot be seen from the Coastwatch Station at Seaview Car Park in Mablethorpe, plus that has a height restriction barrier, so no motorhomes are welcome there either.

During the day though, it was well known Mr Gandy that had used a small caravan to make a brew and be a shelter for the lookout volunteers during the very windy days there at Huttoft.

He was praised one minute, then kicked into touch the next.

Twice at least, the ugly concreate pillars as height barriers have been built and twice they have been knocked down at Huttoft Car Terrace.

There was to be no comprise, all sea facing car parks could not be used by tourists who spend time driving and stopping to be able to see the sea, a luxury apparently for car owners only.

these visitors add add to the coffers of shops, garages and local businesses.

I believe because there is no ticket machines at Huttoft or Anderby, though there is one at Sea View Car Park, the Council were not finanically making any money therefore didn’t really want to clean toilets or empty rubbish bins, both of which I would make use of.

If people are disabled and cannot use a car, a camper van or larger type of transport allows them to stop and see the sea in one lovely county like we have.

So much money has been spent on these height barriers and willing coastwatch volunteers have been left upset for the good work they have done.

All that was needed was a single bar, not some ugly barrier with a sign bar raised at 6am and let down at 10pm.

I would have done it for nothing, come back Shaun Gandy, come back camper van owners, but not sleep over, simple.

One last question, the Council stated there should be no concern or upset to Mr Gandy as a new facility was going to be built at Chapel Saint Leonards in time for the summer season 2014, or is that the same place that the impressive bird/nature visitor attraction is going to be at the cost of millions of pounds.

I hope campervans and visitors will be welcome, though all I can see from this vantage point is what I thought were very large swans with outstretched wings almost 80 of them, no i have got that wrong, they are wind turbines.

I have nothing against them personally, but this is going to be a very expensive building to wind turbine watch.

Come back Shaun, come back campervans, just don’t stay from 10pm-6am, otherwise you won’t be able to get and rightly if you have stayed the night and cannot get out in the morning, you will get an expensive parking ticket - Simple.

So much upset, time and money wasted.