Letter: Can you help Santa return home to Lapland?

EDITOR - I am writing to you to ask for help from your readers.

My name is Father Christmas and I am also known as Santa Claus.

My job is to travel around the country at Christmas time delivering presents to children.

However, last Christmas I was trapped here in Sutton on Sea.

My faithful Rudolf and I, with the sleigh, have been stuck on a fence in Huttoft Road ever since.

My home is in Lapland and I would dearly love to return there to the company of my elves and other helpers.

We must soon start to prepare for next Christmas.

At this place too, my luggage sleigh and reindeer are trapped on the garage roof and a poor Angel is nailed to a window sill.

We hear the questions that passing children ask their parents.

They cannot understand why we are still here and they are very concerned.

Can anyone please help us to escape from this dreadful situation?