Letter: Caution urged on village road

Cyclists beware! Eau Bank Road, North Somercotes. I would like to warn cyclists about the steep drop at the side of a newly resurfaced road, where the grass verge meets the edge of the road.

I recently had a nasty accident there when I moved over onto the grass verge to allow a car past. The driver also pulled over, however, in a split second my wheels dropped down the verge and I fell into the road and almost under the car wheels.

Even though I was wearing my cycle helmet, I hit my head on the road, badly cutting it very near to my eye, and trapped my legs under my cycle.

Luckily the car driver helped me into her car and administered first aid at her home. She then phoned the doctor and drove me back to our Lakeside holiday home.

I have written to the council with my concerns. I would also like to thank the car driver, she really was a good samaritan, even though she was badly shook up herself.

I’d also like to thank the doctors and nurses at Marsh Medical Practice, Manby, for stitching my wounds.

I am now on the mend, but the next person might not be as lucky.


Ravenshead, Notts