Letter: Concerns over height barriers at Huttoft

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As the President of the Drivers’ Union, a group dedicated to fairness to all on the road, I am becoming increasingly concerned about height barriers being used more and more at areas where there is no actual physical height restriction such as tunnels, low bridges and multi story car parks etc.

If height is not the issue, then these barriers are a discrimination against a particular class of vehicle and most certainly motor caravans, specially constructed vehicles for disability and indeed even the special needs coaches that are very common in our communities too.

It seems that in Europe the UK are the kings of the discriminatory barrier so we may as well erect them at our ports displaying notices to the effect that motor homes and disability vehicles are not welcome in the UK.

It is my belief that planning should never be given for height barriers and yet it seems to be councils, more than anyone else, who use them as a first resort to prevent travellers from setting up camps at sites.

The latest is Lincolnshire who have erected barriers along its coastal sea terraces and have totally overlooked the growing motor home holiday tourists who bring so much money into the County where the wonderful beaches are a renowned visitor attraction.

When on holiday, this is the visitor’s one and only vehicle. Are they expected to sit on their sites all day or go out and enjoy Lincolnshire and its coasts?

It’s amazing that holiday venues, campsites, fairgrounds, fisheries, air shows and county

shows as well as retail parks and factories can manage their sites without height barriers and yet councils cannot.

Until society bans motor homes but on the contrary, is accepting all taxes and levies on them, then how on earth can any authority discriminate about what facilities they may use?

It’s about time that our beleaguered motor homers had an anti barrier forum to organise campaigns against them.

Can you let your motor home readers know that we at Drivers Union, www.driversunion.co are willing to lead opposition to discriminatory height restrictions?

Godfrey Bloom MEP

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