LETTER: Council have lost the plot over libraries

We think Lincolnshire County Council have lost the plot over the libraries. It is far from the right choice and think they should be strongly overruled.

Its not right that Sutton on Sea and Alford could end up with nothing if the community volunteers do not take it over fully. The mobile library would not be suitable for so many people to use at 1 time as has already been proven through the residents association.

If we end up with nothing what happens about elderly people being able to use the books apart from which a lot of them use it as somewhere for a chat to others not all of them can easily get on the 
bus and then walk down to Stanley Road in Mablethorpe easily..

It also would not allow the primary school somewhere local to use where they can be supervised on a walk down 
to. Its not fair to youngsters such as Jordan who use it for books, research,homework etc.

We need our library run and funded by the council.

Lianne Havell

Sutton on Sea