Letter: Councillors need to address this problem

EDITOR - Further to the letter, re - Dog Mess printed February 12, I asked East Lindsey District Council some questions on this subject through a Freedom of Information request.

The key response is that they only employ one enforcement officer for the whole of the East Lindsey area and that person is part time.

What chance is there of catching offenders, clearly none going by their other responses.

If our Councillors want to keep our coastal area special then they need to address this problem.

Perhaps CCTV cameras and higher profile signage would help?

My wife and I have continued to walk to the beach daily and can assure you the problem is getting worse.

This problem may well affect the businesses along the coast if the tourists decide this is not such a nice area and decide to go elsewhere.

Please Councillors take a walk through our towns and on the promenade and then tell us you are happy with the cleanliness.