LETTER: Disgusted by cruelty to our creatures

EDITOR - I am fortunate enough to own and enjoy a piece of our beautiful countryside. All was well until my garden was surrounded by the sound of gunfire.

The sound sickens me.

I believe 20 to 30 million pheasants are released each year to allow this sport to continue. A small number of these semi-domesticated birds may survive the harsh dealings of mother nature only to be next season’s sporting quarry.

We all depend on the animals we share our planet with to a lesser or greater extent. Some species may prosper over others dependent on their status within society, I am no different.

However I deplore those who get any gratification from their suffering.

The ethical inconsistencies in the moral status of animals in society are no more apparent than between the shooter’s beloved dog and the game birds they prey on.

Justification cannot be had through the need to feed their families or the importance to protect the farmer’s crops.

Yes, shooting native wild birds has been the sport of the wealthy for centuries but we used to do many things that are no longer acceptable today.

The RPSCA quoted a rise of 24 per cent in the number of people convicted for cruelty and neglect to animals in 2011. A spokesman quoted that there should be zero tolerance to animal abusers. Why do some animals count and not others?

I don’t understand why some people want to go out and kill, injure or cause distress to any other living creature. If I am witness to any sign of suffering, whether it is our fellow mankind or the creatures we share this planet with, I am compelled to help or am saddened by my inadequacies to do so.

I hope my letter helps the plight of the millions of intensively bred pheasants and all the other animals and birds about to be shot over this Christmas period in the name of sport.

Tracey Hyde

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