LETTER: Don’t deprive Mablethopre of its traditional huts

I hope that the District Council will take notice of the comments of the Mablethorpe Town Council with regard to the retention of the seafront beach huts.

If it’s analysed what facilities are available for the holidaymakers, Mablethorpe tends to be pushed onto the back burner in favour of other areas!

It’s well appreciated that Mablethorpe has the best beach of them all, and long has it been it’s main attraction – the target for those who enjoy the traditional seaside (i.e. the donkeys, sand 
castles, sand train, beach games, and very often the tranquillity of sitting in 
the beach hut and the relaxation of enjoying the sea view, or changing for sea bathing etc)

To seriously consider dispensing with the beach huts would in my opinion be a retrograde step.

I agree 100% with Councillors Stephen Palmer and Joyce Taylor – to dispense with the amenities of 
the beach huts would deprive Mablethorpe of one of it’s remaining seaside attractions.

After all, we are a seaside resort. Thirty years ago Mr. Kheng and family created an excellent seaside 
facility in the form of an all-weather fun pool, wave machine etc. something which would be really great these days.

Some years ago when the question of a pool was raised (along with some local hopes!) the decision was made to construct one at Louth (I recall reading that “Mablethorpe is in the catchment area, so the people could use the one at Louth!” Brilliant! – I could just picture thousands of holidaymakers trailing all the way to Louth to use that!).

Don’t deprive Mablethorpe of it’s beach huts, that would tend to prune down a section of the visiting community who still appreciate what they offer – please retain what few traditions that we have got left, or they will all eventually follow the Carnival into the history books.

Dave Lascelles.