Letter: Don’t lay the blame on us

Re recent article about vandalism at Huttoft car Terrace car park.

I think that Lincolnshire County Council should take note of the anger by various motorhome owners who used to stop at that car park, some did stop over there on occasion, who also spent their hard earned cash on shopping, meals, bar lunches, fuel etc!! in and around the area.

The article states that the police are looking for the vandals and as yet not identified anyone responsible!! yet one councillor says it is motorhomers!! Councillor Stephen Palmer spouts off that we are all “freeloaders and tourists”!!

Please advise the above that all motorhomers that I know on two of Britain’s largest motorhome forums with over 50,000 members do take name calling very seriously indeed.

Failure to retract this statement will ensure that most of us will not go back and spend our hard earned cash in Lincolnshire and to that end I have cancelled our booking at Tatershall caravan park for August, we will go where we know we are not stigmatised as freeloaders.

Or of course we can all park up outside the council offices until they apologise, now that would be a nice sight eh!!

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