LETTER: Don’t let Louth become a clone town

In reference to the Southern Gateway scheme for 970 houses in Louth.

We are not against small developments, but this huge development will be catastrophic for our small market town.

How can you possibly sanction such a monstrous plan. Your decision will affect everyone there is extreme opposition in the town.

We can name the following points, Victorian drains and sewers, they will never cope, there are several areas in Louth with raw sewage coming into people’s gardens, example Mayfiled Crescent.

Traffic on Newmarket, we have a small supermarket being built next to Newmarket Medical Centre, at school times there are congestion problems, during the summer we have holiday traffic from the coast.

How are the doctors, the school, dentists etc going to cope we can hardly get an appointment now to get to see a GP.

Flooding in the area of Legbourn Road, Kenwick Road, Albany Road and all the area this side of town is becoming a serious problem.

Who is going to compensate us when our homes are flooded?

How can you sanction building this huge development on prime farm land. We are an agricultural county providing huge amounts of food for the rest of the country, once this land is covered in houses, which is happening all over our county, in 20 years time we shall be having to import more food than ever from abroad to feed our ever increasing population.

This site has huge problems. Where are all these people going to work, how are they going to travel, there are no trains, no convenient buses to Lincoln, there are no jobs in Grimsby, all this points to more and more cars on our roads.

Louth as we know it will no longer be our unique market town which attracts people from all over the country, we will just be another town cloned and characterless like so many other towns.

Why on earth do we need yet another supermarket on the cattle market, we have five supermarkets, this will mean the closure of several family businesses in town, the small independent shops will go, we will be another boring clone town, no character, you are sanctioning the ruination of our lovely market town.

Mr & Mrs G R Gray

Kenwick Road, Louth