LETTER: Don’t slam our swimmers!

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EDITOR - With reference to John Phelan’s personal, and rather interesting views, in his letter published on January 9.

He refers to the pool being built with a floor that can be raised and lowered, at a huge expense of taxpayer’s money, purely for the benefit of the Meridian swimming pool, stating ‘the feature is of no use to the general public’.

Louth Dolphins do make use of this as and when able. However, it would appear Mr Phelan is lacking in some consideration to other very valuable members of our community.

A lot of swimmers with disabilities use our pool and hugely benefit from the floor being able to be elevated. Louth has its own ‘Special Olympic’ team of swimmers, who we should all be very proud of.

And as for saying ‘our swimmers were the flops of the 2012 Olympics’ and ‘as for our young swimmers and the future, why bother,’ in a climate of unhealthy lifestyles of which is predicted only to get worse, with rising levels of obesity and diabetes, surely we should be giving encouragement to the next generation!

Regardless of what their ultimate abilities will become, these individuals work ex hard, keeping fit and healthy.

The club did not have a wholly disproportionate influence on the pool’s construction.

Should we not just be very pleased with what we have got, the leisure centre on the whole having been constructed to make Louth proud?

As a parent of a Dolphins swimmer I am very proud of our club, all the volunteers tirelessly help these swimmers.

If Mr Phelan would take a closer look and be enlightened to the capabilities and achievements of these amazing individuals, I am confident he would have a very different view.

Joanne Thompson

High Street, South Elkington