LETTER: Drivers in Louth need to have more care and respect

Saturday November 15th at 9.30 am, driving around Louth. About 50% of the vehicles (cars, vans and lorries) did not have lights on despite the fog and poor visibility. I am drawn to one of four conclusions – none complimentary:-

a) The drivers are too stupid

b) The drivers are too idle even to flick a switch

c) The drivers are so arrogant that they care for nobody’s safety, including their own

d) Drivers put their vehicle in gear but leave their mind in neutral

I have no doubt that some who cannot be bothered to put on their lights in poor visibility will be offended by this letter. However, I do not care. If this letter saves just one driver and family the misery of serious injury or death then it has done it’s job.

Motorised vehicles are one of the great conveniences of modern times and treated correctly provide a hugely valuable service. but 
become a serious danger if not treated with care and respect.

Malcolm Bouchier

Park Row, Louth