LETTER: East Lindsey District Councillors lack of insight on Louth Cattle Market sale

My husband and I moved to Saltfleetby 7 years ago. My late mum and her family are true yellow bellies. I am not, but I feel a very strong attachment to the county and this area particularly because of those family connections.

I have become more and more distressed about the future of Louth and the lack of understanding, incite and vision for the town and its locality, from our elected ELDC Councillors.

If ELDC had prepared and approved the VISION for their district, (variously known as their Core Strategy/Local Development Plan) 10 or more years ago as required we would not be in the situation we are today. We are now at the mercy of big scale developers who can push through developments that are totally inappropriate for an ancient market town set in a mainly agricultural area with insufficient road and rail links, limited job vacancies and even more limited health and education opportunities.

Yes, ELDC are suffering the pressure of Government budget cuts along with every District Council in the land but their propensity to sell off the family silver to relieve that is both short sighted, short term and arguably incompetent.

The old swimming pool was demolished last week. I have never seen a satisfactory explanation as to how they have the right to do this given that the facility was a donation for the benefit of the community.

Louth is a long established market town. That means we have a charter allowing a livestock market which, with it, brings the benefits to all of a local retail market.

The dubious decision to sell the market to a top six supermarket again smacks of ‘family silver’ and the lack of commitment from ELDC councillors to stand up and be counted for their decisions – how many were missing at the time of the crucial vote?

I agree with a previous correspondent, that I suspect the Malt Kiln will now remain on the skyline; Aldi are not daft.

I for one am glad that next year is election year for ELDC, that will be everybody’s opportunity to make a change.

Cheryl Warwick

Saltfleetby All Saints