Letter: ELDC tax rise is unfair on public

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Editor - Having now received our council tax demands for 2014-15, I note that on Band D it has increased by £1 per month (10 months of the year).

That may not seem a large increase. However, add that to the £25 Green Bin Levy (which will no doubt open the door for a further increase next year) that equates to a £35 per year increase. If you have no means of disposing of your garden rubbish then you have no other option.

The Government and Lincolnshire County Council recommended that local councils should not increase the council tax this year, but ELDC chooses to ignore that recommendation.

Latterly, ELDC raised their car parking charges in the area, doing no favours to the market towns and traders of Louth (not to mention the cost of altering ticket machines).

How is it that West Lindsey District Council have not increased council tax this year, no charge for green bin collections, and offer no parking charges in some towns in their area.

If WLDC can do that, why does ELDC find every opportunity it can to raise their charges when the public in general are finding it difficult enough to balance their budget.

Finally, where have our elected councillors and Leader of the ELDC been in agreeing to these rises?

I would suggest that officers and councillors run their council in a more efficient manner to balance their books before imposing higher charges on their residents.

No doubt Government cut backs will be blamed.

However, I am sure there are many areas within our district council where bad practices could be trimmed, i.e. excessive pay off settlements for retiring or redundant Executives and Officers, many of whom can transfer into other areas of Local Government in a different capacity, drawing another salary.

Mrs M Skelton