LETTER: Enemy pilot fired right at my grandad!

G Harold Taylor
G Harold Taylor

My late grandfather G Harold Taylor (became Mayor of Louth in 1943) used to tell of his experience during an air raid on Louth.

He had a shop in Eastgate, and a bungalow in Cockerington, where Rushmore Country Park is now, and generally he and his wife stayed above the shop. One night the bombs were too close for comfort, so he said “That’s enough, Lucy. We’re off to Cockerington.” He hastily started his car and they headed off.

After passing Keddington Corner, he could not see a thing. Thinking the bombers had gone, he turned the headlights on but an enemy pilot spotted them, and fired a ‘shell’, narrowly missing the car.

The crater was still visible when I last looked, as a depression in the verge just after the left turning to Highfield Farm. As they approached their bungalow, Jimmy Green, who owned the farm opposite, was out on the road, shouting his disapproval that my granddad had risked death to all of them by using his headlights.

I cannot vouch that this was the same raid in which a Junkers JU88 was shot down at South Cockerington on December, 22,1940.

Peter Taylor

Welton le Wold