LETTER: Enforcement for cyclists and mobility scooters needed

While waiting at the Seacroft Road bus stop, Mablethorpe, the other night at 4.30pm there were two PCSOs talking to some youths who were hanging around the bus shelter, no problem.

However, it was dark and in that time at least four cyclists rode past them with no lights. The other day one rode past a policeman on the pavement. The policeman did not say a word. Most odd, or is it?

The other point is mobility scooters. There must be a legal limit on the pavements?

I believe it to be 4mph. I may be wrong, but a lot drive crazy.

A couple of weeks ago one backed into me in the Co-op and told me off.

And why do some have obscene number plates? One drives around with No S**t on the back.

I don’t have anything against them. I may need one myself one day, but please be considerate to pedestrians.

So police and PCSOs, watch out for bikes with no lights who ride on pavements and if a scooter goes past you like a bat out of hell, gently remind them of the speed limit.

Paul Douglas