Letter: Enforcement is the answer

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So the Huttoft car terrace saga rumbles on. As a car user of this facility I have often been deterred by the sheer volume of motorhomes that gather on the terrace.

In principle they have as much right to use this beauty spot as anybody else.

Where it goes wrong is that some motorhome owners see it as a free holiday location by the sea.

Word goes around the motorhome community and before you know it the car terrace is nothing more than a traveller site.

The solution is obvious, enforce the law! If a byelaw exists that prevents overnight stays at the site between 10pm and 4am - then use it.

Get the police or a traffic warden patrol to regularly visit the terrace after 10pm and issue every vehicle there with a fixed penalty notice.

Suddenly overnight stays won’t be free and the car terrace will loose its appeal as a ‘wild camping’ location.

Enforcing the law is the one sure way of deterring the motorhome fraternity, who want free overnight camping, from plaguing this site.

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