LETTER: Evolution - less than half believe in it

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I am indebted to Mr. McLennan for his response to my letter on Evolution and am glad he agrees that Evolution actually says nothing about how life started, although I and all my friends, family, etc., believed it was supposed to show it did.

However, none of us had heard of Abiogenesis before so I looked it up. According to the encyclopedia it was a theory that life started from inanimate objects. It was explained that they thought that wrapping some cheese and bread in some cloth and leaving it in a dark
place resulted in mice appearing!!!

Wikipedia indicated that the theory behind Abiogenesis was that 4.17 BILLION years ago.life started with the production of molecules resulting from the spontaneous mix of matter at that time and that life resulted from these merging somehow. Since nobody was there 4.17 BILLION years ago one wonders how they know this!

It seems to me a bit like the Encyclopedia Brittanica appearing as the result of an explosion in a print works.

Mr. McLennan asks what tests can be performed to prove a Creators existence. If things happened entirely by chance as Evolutionists/Abiogenesis believers seems to, try harvesting wheat in January. It can’t be done as the Creator, whom we call God, has arranged things in an orderly way so that there are seasons in which these things can only be done.

To see evidence of God, look out of the window and see all the life out there, not just human life but also plants, animals, birds, etc. Look at your family and 
ask if they are here by 
accident, because if they are then they have nothing to look forward to. Not a nice prospect.

I believe we came from somewhere, we are here for a reason - to learn many things including discipline and faith - and we will go somewhere when our life here on Earth expires. I also believe that I shall see my family again, under certain conditions, and that at that time things will be made clearer to me as to how life started.

I shall then realise that God is the greatest of all scientists and that our own scientists are using their God given intelligence to understand how he achieved all that he did. He used science in ways we are unable to even contemplate in order to create life and the order in the universe.

Mr. McLennan states that we are a minority and most do not conform to my religious fundamentalism. There are about 1,500,000,000 Christians in the world plus a similar number of Muslim believers. I don’t really know if Sikhs, Budhists, etc. believe in Creationism but even so, the number who do are hardly a minority.

A BBC survey in 2006 found that less than half the population believed in Evolution.

In America a survey was carried out in 2012 and they found that few actually believed in Evolution as 
the source of life, so 
perhaps we are the majority after all.

If only everybody believed in the beauty of a Creator and all that that implies how much better the world would be and how much better their lives would be.

Geoffrey Lover

By email