LETTER: Fantastic Christmas market in Louth

I have just returned from the Louth Christmas Market for yet another year. Once again, I have to thank all those involved in making it such an exciting and well-presented event.

My thanks go to the Louth Town Partnership, in particular the efforts of Jerry Gale and his team who, on a voluntary basis work tirelessly for the good of the town, alongside the mercurial Nicola Marshall, the Town Manager, always on hand to ensure the promotion and drive. I have no doubt there are many more behind this well-oiled engine and to them I say well done. This premier event has been built up by these dedicated people to become one of the best events in the county calendar rivalling even the Lincoln Market for the organisation and goods available for the shopping public.

A lot of the shops in the town open for the event and from talking to the owners, I was given the impression that it was well worth opening in terms of business as it brought huge crowds from as far away as Northampton.

This type of social event puts Louth on the map and can only make it even more special. Long may it last!

Steve Hine

Owner, Indulgence