LETTER: Farage had all the answers

Last week I watched Andrew Marr interview Nigel Farage on the Andrew Marr show.

The one great noticeable difference between this and all other interviews with politicians was that, not 
once did Nigel Farage duck, dive or dodge an awkward question.

Every question was answered directly and straight to the point.

However, it was also noticeable that on several occasions Andrew Marr interrupted Nigel’s talk rather than let him finish it off.

Clearly Andrew Marr was lost for words as Nigel had an HONEST answer for everything and he had expected Nigel to evade giving answers like all the other politicians.

Well done Nigel. Your honesty and straight forward approach would be like a breath of fresh air in Westminster . I can only hope that the people of Britain realise this and put UKIP in control of our next government.

Malcolm Bouchier

Park Row, Louth