Letter: Flood sirens should be back

Cllr Bob Dawes is entirely correct to highlight the fears of local people about the effectiveness of our current flood warning system.

What the County Council, East Lindsey District Council and the Environment Agency fail to take into account are the following:

1. The poor connectivity many mobile phone users suffer in our area and that many people who had signed up to the new system failed to receive any warnings.

2. Not every one has a mobile phone.

3. Many people after a certain time of night either switch off their phones, put them on silent or leave them out of their bed rooms.

4. Many of those signed up also failed to get the warning on their landlines.

5. Large numbers of people again don’t answer their landline phones after a certain time of night.

6. Due to the above many people simply have not and will not sign up to the system.

The excuse that the old sirens would be expensive to maintain beggars belief. In Japan which is a very Hi Tech country, they still employ modern up to date Sirens as part of their flood warning system.

New sirens are available commercially and if the Environment Agency is short of funds then Central Government should divert money from the Overseas Aid Budget before disaster strikes.

Ian Wild

Cammalot Gardens, Sutton on Sea