Letter: Fly tipping concern

EDITOR - Have ELDC thought out their decision to charge Council Tax payers for collection of green waste?

Surely if the majority opt out this will seriously affect their re-cycling targets, and as a result could incur financial penalties.

It seems to me that the whole scheme is purely to raise taxes from those who are unable to dispose of it by composting. Most of these, I believe, will be residents living in towns with small or no gardens and unable to use a composter. It will of course mean more being added to the ‘landfill’ bin or at worst fly tipping. Being naive, I also thought that ELDC sold on the green waste to be turned into compost, however, I understand that they actually pay a considerable amount per tonne instead. Which must be a nice ‘little earner’ for someone! Sounds like good business for some but not us taxpayers.


North Cockerington