LETTER: Forget Putin and focus on ISIS

Michael Fallon, minister of defence, has recently said that president of Russia, Mr Putin, is as big a threat to world peace as ISIS.

Get with it Mr Fallon, ISIS and all its brother associations are the real danger to the world.

ISIS is just one of many groups that number 300 million to 400 million around the world.

They are determined to destroy our way of life and supplant it with their own cruel, barbaric and blood thirsty existence.

Since when, for example, has Mr Putin beheaded, crucified, buried alive, gouged out the eyes and burned alive people with a different belief to his own?

When has Mr Putin 
taken female prisoners 
with the specific objective 
as selling them off as sex slaves?

The truth is all countries, including Russia, have, so far, turned a convenient blind eye to all of the atrocities that happen almost daily.

As a consequence, we, at the moment, are losing 
the war to preserve our culture.

Those who value democracy, equal rights for women and a generous and caring way of life must get together now to defeat this evil of radical Islam and eradicate it from our planet.

Malcolm Bouchier

Park Row, Louth