LETTER: Get behind Trusthorpe and Sutton on Sea Carnival

July 2014 saw a very successful Trusthorpe and Sutton on Sea carnival. Some would argue the best ever, I cannot comment only being involved in the last four but it did 
feel a great success and the fly over of the Lancaster and other aircraft of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight certainly was the cherry on the top.

The small committee worked all year to not only run the day but all the events that were put on to raise the money to stage the Carnival. Quiz nights, Fun Nights and 
Race nights, little events for the community in their 
own right, staged to raise money to pay for the marching bands, the road closures, 
the insurances and licences to ensure the event was safe and legal but above all 
a spectacular for us all to enjoy.

Not forgetting the popular pavement drawing and Sandcastle completion held on the Saturday before Carnival. Not only to enjoy but essentially free, a free day out for all.

The carnival costs about £5,000 to put on, some money came from council grants 
but with the financial constraints on councils these days the committee was very aware that more needed to be done to raise the money ourselves to make it sustainable.

With this in mind the 2014 committee were very successful in managing to raise enough funds to ensure there is enough money to stage a 2015 event however most of my committee colleagues through illness and or age have decided to call it a day and hoped at the AGM that new people would come forward to take on the mantle however this did not happen and a new committee has not formed as yet.

The Carnival has run, off and on, for 30 years and is a separately constituted independent organisation open to local people to be a part of. It will be such a shame if it folds to go the way of so many other Carnivals such as Mablethorpe’s, just a footnote in history and the silver 
cups gathering dust in a cupboard of the Town Clerks office.

It will be a shame for all those who just come for enjoyment, it will be a shame for the businesses that get a boost from thousands of extra visitors, it will be a shame for all the past committee members over the history of the carnival who have done their bit for community, it will be a shame for all the Carnival Queens and Princesses 
who have proudly rode on floats and vehicles leading 
the parade but most of all it 
will be a shame and a reflection on today’s society that out 
of thousands of people in 
the community of Trusthorpe and Sutton we can’t find enough to continue to organise the areas premiere event.

We have had a few people coming forward to help and we have a meeting at the Bacchus Hotel Sutton on Sea on 26th November at 7pm.

Steve Palmer

Carnival committee member 2011-????