Letter: Glad of the opportunity to explain

EDITOR - I would like to make a right of reply to your article entitled: ‘Councillors vote yes to increase in allowances.’ February 26 Edition.

I am glad of this opportunity to explain why I voted yes, apart from the obvious reason of not wishing to appear a hypocrite at some future date.

And also to point out that we would be receiving this rise whether we voted yes or no. The vote was irrelevant!

My reason was the fact that there is absolutely no one from the young, unemployed section of our communities, within LCC, to represent their needs and their views.

We need a responsible young person to raise the topics of living in rented properties; lack of jobs and careers for the young employed; single parenthood; the plight of being at the mercy of rogue landlords etc.

Someone able to give a reasoned view of how difficult life can be for this important section of our society.

Someone to fight for the rights of the younger generation here in Lincolnshire.

The reason why our young unemployed are not fairly represented within County Council is because without a certain level of income, they cannot afford to be.

A car is a vital necessity to enable a councillor to carry out their duties. I have to travel between 500-600 miles a month on Councillor business.

But being able to afford to run a car when you are young and unemployed is impossible.

However, with a reasonable expenses amount any young person can afford to lay down a deposit and pay the balance from their monthly allowance.

This increase will open the door to County for both the young unemployed and the pensioner living on low incomes.

It will enable the body of Councillors in Lincoln to become more socially balanced and representative of our society today.

In the interests of equality of political opportunity for all, irrespective of income, would I vote yes again - absolutely!


Mablethorpe & Trusthorpe