LETTER: Global warming - who does know the truth?

I think I’ve finally got the message the global warming wacktavists are trying to convey: ‘If you don’t all give up your cars, your homes, your businesses, your jobs, your electricity, your prosperous way of lives based on an industrial life style, your supermarket food, cheap goods, entertainment, TV’s, computers, and foreign travel - it might get a little warmer…although it isn’t at the moment....so that might be wrong.’

Children could point out the obvious inconsistency in that the climate has been hotter in the past, the Roman and Medieval periods for instance, well before the Industrial Revolution.

Indeed, I was just reading an article by a Berkeley professor, with reference to the current drought in California, that: “My co-author and I decided to write this book because our findings, and those of our colleagues, were all showing that over the past several thousand years, California and the West have experienced extremes in climate that we have not seen in modern history.”

Must have been caused by those pesky Neanderthals driving around in their 4 by 4’s. To tell the truth, right now, with the Antarctic sea ice expanding at levels never seen, I’m more concerned about a new ice-age beginning - we are apparently overdue for the next one.

But even were the flat earthers right, my main point has always been, by what right did our Parliament put in place measures that will not only cost we consumers hundreds of billions, but destroy our economy and kill off many of our old and vulnerable?

Didn’t they know that were Britain to disappear beneath the waves tomorrow, it would make little difference to world CO2 emissions?

The Chinese alone are building 860 million tonnes of new coal production capacity, generating 300 more gigawatts of coal-fired power, twice the total generation capacity of Germany and emitting twice the total CO2 lost were we to vanish altogether.

And India with 275 billion tons of coal reserves is coming up fast on the rails.

As I write this, Sunday evening, the UK total demand for electricity is 35.56 GW. Our coal-fired power stations that we are closing down and will be gone shortly, are delivering 10.37 GW (29.16%) of that total demand.

And all those 5,276 giant bird-mincers we have erected at the cost of billions and billions and with a ‘supposed capacity’ of over 10 GW! - are actually supplying .33 GW (.93%) of demand.

Let’s pray for mild winters in future. In the bitter winter of 2010, I once checked our Grid and the UK demand was 60 GW.

At the same time, the then largest wind farm in Europe, up near freezing Glasgow and again ‘supposedly’ able to power 180,000 homes - was generating 5 MW!

Now, in a panic, our wonderful Energy Department are planning to pay many industrial customers to switch off to save electricity (that’ll help our economy) and also, the 70% of the time when the wind doesn’t blow, buy very expensive power (added to our bills) from huge ‘diesel parks’ (mass diesel generators) just as we are told that diesels are extremely bad on the pollution front, spewing tiny carcinogenic particles into the air which lurk in your lungs and cause thousands of deaths in Britain every year! As the saying goes - ‘You couldn’t make it up!’

John Phelan

Monks Dyke Road