LETTER: Government’s money is our money

The government has no money. All the money that they handle comes from us – it is OUR MONEY and the government are simply managers of OUR MONEY.

The money allocated for the running of Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire and for the police in this area is to be cut back, yet again. While previous cuts have taught our police and councils to be more efficient, these latest cuts will mean a reduction or removal of certain facilities (public toilets etc). The government can cut the money to serve the local community because the money is drawn from what is euphemistically called an ‘unprotected budget’.

However, foreign aid must not be cut back because it comes from a ‘protected budget’.. Thus our government can deprive it’s own people certain facilities by with holding OUR MONEY, but will not stop one penny of OUR MONEY in gifts to foreign countries.

Do governments, red or blue, not understand that their over all major duty and priority is to care for the British people? Do they not realise that they hold their privileged positions of power because we, the public, put them there? How can they have the audacity to stop OUR MONEY coming to us but give it, instead, to foreign governments, most of whom are corrupt and hate the British?.

To cap it all, we are then asked if we would like to pay more money to maintain certain facilities which we have had for many, many years.

Malcolm Bouchier

Park Row, Louth