Letter: Grateful to man who returned my phone

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EDITOR - Yesterday I mislaid my phone after babysitting all day at my son’s and then calling at Kidgate Surgeries for a doctor’s appointment.

When I got home I couldn’t find my phone. We tried ringing it to see if it was somewhere in my car, then I rang my son to see if I had left it at his house.

As I was speaking to my son on his landline his mobile rang and a man on the other end said he had heard the mobile phone ringing in the doctor’s car park and gone to investigate. He then rang the number which was calling and said he wanted to return the phone to it’s owner.

My son informed him that it was his mother’s phone and that I didn’t live in Louth but at North Cockerington. The man then said that was fine because he lived in South Cockerington and would drop it off on his way home.

I am eternally grateful to the young man, whose name I do not know. He just proves that there is still honesty and kindness in the world.