Letter: Great concerns over housing development

Editor - I hereby wish to log my objections to the proposed housing development of 240 homes plus care home facility off Grimsby Road.

I have great concerns re the proposed development. I do not believe that a town the size of Louth either wants or needs such a vast proposed housing development.

I am not aware that such large numbers of people are available to come to live in the area or that the town has the infrastructure of schools, GPs, hospital services or employment etc, to support an additional volume of people.

The fields identified for the proposed development have some water absorbing properties, despite their clay nature. This was of great benefit in the 2007 Louth floods which deluged the town. The rain fell for a long period of time and the absorption properties greatly reduced the devastation to the lower Louth town area. If this proportionately very large development is allowed there would be adverse affects re the land’s ability to intercept precipitation and slow down its transfer to the River Lud. The considerable amounts of hard, impenetrable surfaces included in the proposals would increase the chances of flash flooding in the town centre, where many residents already have recent and very traumatic memories of flood damage.

The Fanthorpe Lane area has the weakest water pressure in the town. How would the addition of 240 extra homes plus care facility impact upon this already unsatisfactory situation for residents?

There would be a distinct lack of any privacy at my property if any development was to be given the go ahead. The close vicinity of the care facility would be intrusive and the scenic views to the rear of our property (a clinching factor in us wishing to relocate here from Grimsby) would be blighted - the current rural horizon/sunsets being blotted out by a vast development of bricks and mortar. The impact on my own property price would be adverse and leave me in a potential depreciation/negative equity situation.

There would be significant increase in traffic in the area as each house would have, based on national averages, two cars meaning that the area would be swamped by an average of 500 cars.

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