Letter: Green space around Louth

EDITOR - I question both the sanity and the honesty of this and previous governments.

Virtually every open green space in and around Louth are to be built upon following government instructions. Those that have not yet obtained planning permission will do so because it is clear that no objection will be tolerated by the government. Louth, however, is not alone, the rest of England is also to be struck by this madness. - with the exception, of course, of places like the royal residences, David Cameron’s area, Chequers, etc. which must not be despoiled or views ruined by sprawling suburbs and gypsy camps.

We need all these homes to house the huge increse in population caused by years of lack of government action in controlling immigration.

Thus we are now to have our countryside defaced and rapidly declining services because our governments did not have the courage to do what they were elected to do - protect the people of Great Britain.