Letter: Here we go with ‘Progress’

There you go, what did I say in a previous letter concerning 970 little boxes that are to be built off the Legbourne Road, Louth, all thanks to what’s been drilled into our heads in a form of brain washing as a ‘housing shortage - “970-Home Proposal Returns” Louth Leader, Wednesday June 11, 2014.

Because believe once the likes of “Southern Gateway” and Gladman and AR &MR Pridgeon get their teeth into something as big as this, it’s no different than trying to prise away a Scottish fillet steak from the jaws of a Jack Russell.

And if that isn’t bad enough you wait til the darn thing is up and running. Oh my Dear Lord, they’ll be a screaming and a commotion the likes that Louth has not seen since they were building St James’ Church right next to that set of traffic lights.

Yet in thinking back to my last views again on this self same subject, it is, all said and done in the name of ‘Progress.’

Nino Hoblyn