Letter: Houses on swimming pool site

EDITOR - It is proposed that 29 houses are to be built on the site of the old swimming pool, which is to be demolished as part of the plan. This raises two questions:

1) When the new leisure centre was proposed at Wood Lane. in order to save the football and cricket pitches on Wood lane a revamped old swimming pool plus the lorry park was put forward as an alternative, ELDC rejected this proposal on the grouds that this site was on a flood plain. Now ELDC want to erect 29 houses on the self same site. So what has happened to the flood plain, has the water suddenly disappeared?

2) My understanding is that the ground on which the old swimming pool is built was bequeathed by Theodore West, in perpetuity, to the people of Louth. The pool was built with money raised by the people of Louth. Thus the pool and the land on which it is built are owned by the people of Louth.

ELDC now wish ro sell the land and demolish the pool. How do you sell land and demolish property that you do not own? Of course, my understanding on the ownership of the pool and land could be wrong. in which case I would be delighted to see irrefutable proof that the site in question is owned by ELDC and is theirs to sell as they wish.