LETTER: How can Mayor not be political?

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I hope none of your readers were deceived into thinking that the letter from Mayor Andrew Leonard was, in his words “un-political”. How could it be, he is a politician!!

Whether or not he chooses to admit it, he is part of the local political scene & therefore his views come from a politician.

The moment he was elected to be a local councillor he became a politician. In addition to which he became mayor by being selected by other local politicians.

All councillors, of all parties or none, are political figures once they take office. Pretending not to be is as daft as people who run farms trying to say they are not farmers or Wayne Rooney claiming he doesn’t play football.

Is he trying to pull off a similar trick to the one Nigel Farage does when he says he is not a politician or lover of Europe but has spent years as a politician in Europe being paid by European funds?

Or is it that he doesn’t have the discipline to work in a team towards any other goals than his own, that he takes the mantle of Independent? Even so, being independent does not make him any less a politician than those who choose to stand under the name of a recognised political party.

In concluding his letter he claimed he was warning readers about “political skulduggery”. Surely pretending not to be a politician when you are exactly that is skulduggery of the highest order?

Having unveiled the sham of him being non-political as claimed in his letter I will leave your readers to ponder how much accuracy there is in what he says elsewhere in his writings about the Labour group on ELDC.

Cllr Tony Howard

Leader of Labour Group on ELDC