Letter: Huttoft Car Terrace at risk?

EDITOR - The continuing attacks on the Huttoft Car Terrace barriers could put the whole fate of the facility at risk.

The County Council who own the land have put barriers in place to stop overnight camping by large vehicles who in the past have entrenched themselves on the terrace and stayed for months if not in some cases years.

People of Huttoft and surrounding communities have been complaining to any council and councillor who will listen about getting something done about it.

When the barriers were installed all local parish councils welcomed the move recognising the problem needed drastic measures to stop the abuse of the car terrace.

People have stopped me in the street to say its about time something was done as the situation had gone on to long.

Bye laws and the installation of the barriers was decided to be the way forward even though I recognise that innocent day tripping camper van owners are hard done by but my hopes were as soon as the problems with illegal overnighters was solved the barriers could be opened again for all to enjoy the views.

Three times the barriers have been put in place at cost to the taxpayers of this county and three times these people have destroyed them.

In my book that is criminal damage plain and simple and I would certainly like to see prosecutions.

The problem is the County Council are not going to keep rebuilding barriers at tax payers expense to keep out the freeloaders and one option could be to close the site to all traffic and allow the sand to cover the terrace.

That would be a terrible shame for everyone and I really and sincerely hope it does not come to that.

People of Lincolnshire welcome tourists and East Lindsey accounts for half of all Lincolnshire County Councils area of tourist income however people rely on making a living by providing legal sights for tourers, camper vans and tents to stay.

These “Wildcampers” avoid paying by simply pitching up in places never intended for them to be.

In my estimation they are just freeloading and are not contributing to our economy like the normal touring fraternity and at the same time giving a bad name to tourers.

I really hope that a hand full of selfish people do not ruin it for hundreds of locals and tourists that love to come for a quiet day at Huttoft.

I also hope the local people will continue to support the moves by County to try and solve the problems caused by a few.


Alford and Sutton Division