Letter: Huttoft saga rolls on

As the motorhome parking saga rolls on, with news of further mindless vandalism to height barriers, it is now clear what a selfish bunch of people these freeloaders are.

Anyone willing to vandalise council property out of spite cannot argue that they bring revenue to the area, as they were once trying to suggest.

Motorhomers have, in effect, proved themselves to be anything but law abiding tourists to the area.

Any credibility, or sympathy they might have had from local people has now been lost forever. They have scored an own goal.

It is also interesting to note that motorhomes have become a national problem, with councils throughout the UK having to implement similar bans and restrictions on free overnight camping.

Indeed it has become an international problem, and even Australia, New Zealand and the USA are having to take action against motorhomers because of the mess they create wherever they go.

I for one, who used to have some sympathy for the motorhome people, have totally lost all respect for them because of their blatant disregard for anyone but themselves.

I now see them all as rude, antisocial criminals, who bring nothing to the area except trouble.

The latest vandalism at Huttoft Car Terrace has only made matters worse for them, and they have fallen straight into the trap of alienating themselves to the public and antagonising the council, who will now be even more determined to ban these freeloaders forever.

What a shame it has come to this.

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