Letter: I really don’t believe it

EDITOR - I like many other East Lindsey residents, received the Messenger leaflet through the door.

I could not believe the back page, all about what to put in bins, vegetable peeling in BLACK bin not green.

So I phoned the council who informed me this changed last year. I asked people who I worked with and friends and none knew of such a change.

They said it’s because some people were putting raw food in green bin. I feel so unhappy at now putting my veg peeling in my black bin I do not have the room for a composter and next year they will charge us £25 for green bin collection.

I will opt out as I am not paying for a service which in my opinion is wrong. The raw veg and salad should go into green. I thought they could sell this on? I am so careful at my recycling but now no longer care.