Letter: If we can not put up a banner how can others?

EDITOR - Last year I put a banner up on the corner of Victoria Road and High Street.

I put it up on the Thursday and would have taken it down on the Sunday as it was advertising a table top sale on the Saturday.

It was taken down with in the hour and after a bit of detective work by Moria Love it was found on the tip.

They also took down one for the Circus.

I was told I had to get permission to put one up so I duly rang the next month for permission.

I was told it was not allowed as it would distract drivers and cause an accident.

I pointed out there was already one there advertising some local event, not possible he said, I am telling you I can see it but I didn’t win as he said it would be taken down.

I could put it any where as long as it was not on a crossing/junction.

Over the year I have seen many banners put up and left in place for weeks, even at the crossroads coming into Mablethorpe where many accidents have occurred over the years.

Even fatal accidents. This weekend I see there is three banners up even one for the Bathing Beauties Festival which I think is organised by the local council.

The Community Hall is owned and built by ELDC run by volunteers and the only person taking a wage is the care taker.

All we ask for is a fair playing ground.

One rule for all.

If we can not put up a banner how can others?


Chairman Mablethorpe

Community Hall