LETTER: Infantile political attacks on UKIP

The infantile attacks upon UKIP by members of other political parties not only demonstrates the unsuitability of these parties to govern but that they cannot believe that they can win elections by straightforward honest debate.

A former election agent admitted to me that the party that he represented were masters at black propaganda and tactics and that such was one of their normal techniques.

The reported creation of a website purporting to be that of Colin Mair, the local 
UKIP candidate, is only the latest of such misrepresentations. Readers will surely recall the instance of the hacking of the website of the unfortunate Chris Pain (onetime leader of UKIP’s county councillors and rising political star) whose political career thus suffered a major setback.

Currently there is also the political leaflet, which ITV reported as being a forgery by the Lib Dems, being circulated in the 
name of another UKIP candidate.

And, nearer to home, letters published in the press in the name of another UKIP supporter.

Further, there are the outright lies, from the same sources, being circulated about UKIP policies, such as privatising the NHS when the party is committed to trying to save it.

That all immigration would be banned when the policy is, like most other countries (and as used to be applied by our country without organised objection), simply controlled immigration.

That immigrants would be repatriated when a categorical assurance has been given that anyone legally in the country would be entitled to stay.

That our trade with the EU would be adversely affected if we left when report 
after report has shown that our membership would make little difference to such trade.

Another factor is the fascist tactic of the far-left, including supporters of 
the Green Party, in physically attacking members of UKIP.

How can one believe their assertions of promoting diversity when they attack peaceful people who do not agree with them.

The only known instance of “violence” by a UKIP official is the swatting of a particularly irritating 
and provocative journalist with a couple of sheets of paper.

It is hoped that readers will place their votes so as to indicate their objection to such underhand 
and unacceptable tactics and in sympathy with the victims.

D. Axton

Upgate, Louth.