LETTER: Is Boston pipeline cash money well spent?

EDITOR - The Louth Leader of January 3 refers to Anglian Water’s £340 million pipeline being built to boost water supplies in Boston, then page 13 reminds us that we had a hosepipe ban in 2012.

Did I miss something or is this a ridiculous situation? If water supplies in East Lindsey were so low that we had a hosepipe ban then how can it make sense to take water to Boston?

Not only do we as consumers have to pay for this, there will also be continuous costs for pumping the water

over the Wolds added to our bills.

I did write to Anglian Water asking the question ‘why build a pipeline instead of more storage reservoirs which would increase the availability of water?’ I did not receive a reply.

Don’t forget we also get the excuse that quick water runoff is responsible for low groundwater supplies and flooding.

Anglian Water, as a privately owned company,will probably say that it can run its affairs as it sees fit but these decisions affect us all for generations to come.

Peter Thorp

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