Letter: It is urgent

EDITOR - Having been born in Louth 72 years ago, and attended Kidgate Primary School, then King Edward VI Grammar School and working as a butcher and baker with my father Joe at Applebys Butchers in Aswell Street, before moving away at 19 for a career in the Police, I have always been proud of my heritage and maintained contact with and always sang the praises of Louth.

In my view, there are three main attractions for the town. St James’s Church with it’s wonderful spire; the wonderful Town Hall which always brings back many happy memories and the magnificent Compton Theatre Organ in the ballroom. All of these represent good impressions of the town and are priceless and should be given maximum support, and it is up to the people of Louth and district to recognise this.

The organ is being maintained at a cost by a dedicated couple John and Mavis Askwith and their team of volunteers. There is a very kind and friendly businessman Andy Howlett who is arranging all types of events for the public thus promoting the Town Hall and Louth, but this depends on the events being supported.

Having said all of that, I attended a concert given by my daughter on the Compton the other Sunday afternoon. I travel the country with her so I am in a good position to speak factually. We could not understand why the town appreared to be deserted, and the car park at the rear of the Town Hall was empty apart from just one car. It was then revealed that the council in it’s incompetent wisdom, had stopped free parking on a Sunday, and even worse, they had put a time limit on the Town Hall car park. This had always been well used on our previous visits and appreciated by the less active people attending events at the Town Hall. The result was a decimated audience with some of them leaving before the end because of the parking limits.

Here we have two people who are doing their utmost to promote Louth, goodness knows how the local business people are managing, and this ‘council’ who are doing their utmost to destroy it. They should be ashamed of themselves. Talk about listening or not, to the people who elected them.

It cannot be cost effective. New machines, new signs, and nobody using them, apart from one solitary car.

What I am saying to the council is don’t be too obstinate, too proud or dictatorial to admit that you got it wrong. Follow the example of John and Andy who are wonderful ambassadors, and show some loyalty to those who unfortunately elected you. It is never too late. Free parking is an urgent necessity on Sundays.