LETTER: It really is a small world

On our recent long haul flight from Heathrow to Perth, Australia via Singapore, I took the opportunity to stretch my legs and walked to the rear of aircraft.

A conversation then began with a fellow passenger doing likewise. I asked him about his destination and he told me they were going on from Singapore to Perth.

That in itself was not unusual, but when I asked him where in Perth, I was surprised when he told me Mount Lawley, which was where we were going to stay with friends for Christmas and the New Year.

Even more surprising, was the fact that they lived just two avenues away, within walking distance.

Following on from this revelation, he asked me where did I come from in the UK, I told him that he probably would not know it, a small market town in Lincolnshire called Louth.

He then floored me by saying they had just left Louth after a short visit seeing friends and relatives, as his wife had lived most of her youth in Louth, although they had been living in Perth since 1978.

He then showed me photographs of the town including our own street !!!

So, on behalf of Norm and Shiv Adams we send on their regards to any mutual acquaintances, discovered during reciprocal visits for drinks and nibbles, and our realisation that it is, in fact, a very small world.

Alan & Annie Griffiths

Westgate, Louth