LETTER: Just pretty words from Government Minister

I was unimpressed by the pretty words from the Environment Secretary (Liz Truss – report in the Louth Leader 25th March) regarding coastal defence as being “vitally important”.

She apparently stated that farming and flooding were “high on the agenda” – whatever that might mean. Previously however, the Environment Agency has been determined to destroy our flood defences. Despite a call from the Country Land and Business Association to the government to protect arable land from flooding, the Environment Agency planned to flood 150 hectares of farm land at Donna Nook, (North Somercotes, Lincolnshire) to create a natural habitat for birds.

The Environment Agency went to court to appeal 
against a refusal by ELDC, in support of community wishes, to grant it planning permission to turn Grade One arable farmland into a wildlife habitat by destroying flood defences and flooding the land.

The argument that the bureaucrats at the Environment Agency used for implementing this plan was that to improve flood defences in the Humber area they were required, by EU law, to provide another area to compensate for the loss of wildlife habitat there.

Great resentment is felt in the area about the fact that Environment Agency finds it necessary to destroy our 
flood defences and ruin farming land, thus putting our villages and livelihoods under threat.

As far as I can see the area is being left out of any agendas – the road from North Somercotes to Louth 
being a point.

It is possibly in the worst condition of any local roads. having had no major works done (apart from the annual pebble dashing) in the 27 years I have live here.

It seems quite clear from the lack of actions (despite the words) that this coastal 
area is at the bottom of every agenda.

Iris Dainton (Mrs)

The Old Rectory, South Somercotes, Louth