LETTER: Labour’s sweet but empty promises

My daughter and family moved to France 11 years ago where my son in law is self employed as a part time builder, general handyman, gardener and tree surgeon. In order to make a reasonable living he normally works around 70 hours per week.

In the 2012 French general elections, Francois Hollande (Socialist) promised the people of France a land of milk and honey with a huge increase in the minimum wage, higher pensions, full employment etc. etc. etc. How could he pay for it all?

Easy, tax the rich more, after all they have the broadest shoulders and should carry more of the load.

The people listened and believed this siren song and voted in Francois Hollande

as the new president of France.

However, here the story changes from siren promises to actual fact. Many owners of small and medium sized French companies, sold their businesses (or closed them down) and left France with their money to start a new business in another country. As a result, welfare

payments increased

with the increase in unemployment while income from taxation actually went down.

To try and balance the books, taxation on the ordinary French worker (including my son in law) went up while with less ‘free money’ in the system, most workers saw a decline in their weekly income which was further hit by this increase in taxation. Francois Hollande is now probably the most unpopular president of all time.

Budget day and the day after I listened to both Ed Milliband and Ed Balls making promises almost identical to those of Francois Hollande in 2012.

People of Britain, remember, vote in Ed Milliband and you have him for five years by which time he can complete the job that Blair/Brown almost did – make Britain bankrupt. Remember,in the legend of Jason and the Argonauts, sailors who listened to the sweet voices of the

Sirens were lured to their deaths on the rocks.

Do not listen to the sweet promises of Ed Milliband for in that way lies doom and misery.

Malcolm Bouchier

Park Row, Louth